Wake Up World Tour


Explore your soul potential and the opportunity that your lifetime presents so you can make profound changes in the way you live and lead... Incorporating the groundbreaking Evolve to Love Teachings that combine emerging and evolutionary spiritual wisdom with everyday practicality to apply and experience these principles in our daily lives.

Accelerating a Global Expansion of Consciousness

L = LOVE. The universal language, the core of relationships, and the essence of all life.

E= EXPANSION. Breakthrough the ego veil of fear, separation, limitation, and duality.
A = ALIGNMENT. Living in alignment with the purpose of life, our divine nature and soul's mission.
D = DIVINE. Inspired to serve the highest good with awareness of life happening for you, serving your soul's awakening.
E = ENLIGHTEN. Awakening the soul shift from fear to love, get to give, and from human to divine.
R = RESPONSIBILITY. Our ability to respond to life as the spark that ignites the light within and in others.
S = SUSTAINABILITY. Our ability to sustain our connection to the power, substance and intelligence that sustains life.

Inspiration = In'Spirat'Ion = In Spirit Energy

Align, Access, Activate Divine Wisdom, Love and Presence.
Listen, Learn and Lead with innovative SOULutions from the depth of your soul.
Develop the ability to respond to all life situations with love, trust and gratitude.                                                                             Explore, Expand, and Experience the power and dimensions of your divine spirit.
Discover how your wall of protection is your prison.                                                                                                                                   New insights and understanding into the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, and others...                               Conscious union of Soul and Spirit - The opportunity of a lifetime... Heaven on earth.


Jay D. Allen

Connecting Religions & Science

Revolutionizing the lens through which we see and experience the world we live in a way few would ever think to question... Jay explores the Evolution of Healing, the Evolution of Leadership, and the Evolution of Religion, offering such a dynamic and divinely inspired perspective you don't even have to take his word for it... 




We will look back upon war, dis-ease, and religion, the same way we look back at living like the world was flat... We did not know that we did not know... from a higher perspective there was nothing to fear, only explore and experience. 

To consciously evolve, we must be fully aware of what we are evolving to... What we are all        "In Training" and "In Healing" for... Discover an emerging and evolutionary wisdom to accelerate a global expansion in consciousness to see and explore the spiritual meaning, purpose and perfection of life and what it means to fulfill our highest divine potential... The ultimate success is fulfilling the purpose for which we have been specifically designed and created...


Humanity as ONE Family -An Urgent Message for Peace, Hope and Sustainability




"I wrote the book that I was literally both dying and living to read when given fifteen months to live... A spiritual guide to understanding the perfection of purpose of life - WHO we truly are, WHY we are here, and HOW life works... To discover that everything we need to fulfill our divine Christ potential, we already have... We must simply learn how to use what has already been created within..."





E: jayintraining@gmail.com


Imagine a World we feel Safe, Inspired and Connected... Living in Alignment with the Purpose of Life, Our Divine Nature, and Souls Mission....